About Liquidjade

I am a loving person enjoying my life while exploring all that I am.           

I am an Artist, Polyamorous, Free thinking Lover of Life, Nature, Science, Art, Kink, Music & Laughter.

Laughing and kissing are my most favorite things

 I am a romantic girl with a taste for the extraordinary.

I am an avid art, animal, literature, music, shoe, lingerie, chocolate, wine, and general nekkedness lover. – come to think of it I probably swear too much, also. 

I am living the best me I possibly can be, each and every day.

Life is too short to be negative, overly serious, and not appreciate getting lost in the magic of living IT

I cherish my loved ones, nature, and life in general. 

I enjoy talking with people. I adore listening to what others have to say and learning as much as possible about the world.

Creating luscious connection with someone and seeing peace, happiness, fulfillment in the soul. . .there is not another feeling like it.

This blog is dedicated to the exploration of the above whilst on my path towards becoming a better person.

 ‎’No matter how hard the past, you can always begin again.’ ~ Buddha

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