Spectacular Links and Resources


Bigger Love : Information regarding polyamory, open relationships, BDSM, and alternative lifestyles.

Minx Grrl :  Minx is a kink educator, fetish porn girl and a real life kinkster.

52 Weeks of Kink :  Information, thoughts and experiences from the Dominant and Submissive prospective.

More Than Two : Franklin Veaux’s Polyamory Site

What Psychology Professionals Should Know about Polyamory  

Dungeon Place :  Home of the Dungeon Place Podcast.

Kink Abuse : Resource for the BDSM Community.

Tutivillus : Writings, information, pondering, musing and the birth of deviance.

Saynine : BDSM blog

Jouvarti : BDSM blog

Fetlife : BDSM and Fetish Community for Kinksters by Kinksters.

National Leather Association Utah Chapter

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