a moment

At times this is a cruel world. Beautiful as it is… still cruel.   The beauty and the pain seem to go hand in hand.   Love and fear.  Passion and emptiness. 

Here autumn is heavy in the air.  The smell of earth and rain.  So pleasant. Warm and embracing. I look forward to watching the sun set tonight but will be working.  

So I will watch the moon rise in her white phantom splendor as I journey home.  

I know that no matter how lonely or empty I am inside, mother nature fills my being.  

She is my true lover, her breeze caressing my skin. Licking my nipples and cooling the moisture between my thighs as it rolls down, sending a lustful scent in the air. 

If I was at the ocean, the crashing waves would bring me to orgasm.  But I am in the dessert with owls singing to me, filling my soul. 

It is a good day, beautiful, albeit filled with longing.

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