and on that yummy note

i do enjoy writing erotic little things… makes me all warm.  i’m surprised at how much material i had written over the years. Be thankful i censored it. 🙂  

Though think i am finished with my reflections for the night.  Stumbling upon old journal entries was quite a trip.  A rather humorous, eye rolling one at that.   

All in all, it has been a wonderful day. i think by tomorrow, my fingers will be healed enough to work on my pastels.  Happy about that! 

Today was also bitter sweet, as i was sadden by some unfortunate news by one i love and care for.  i know things happens, it’s inevitable, so the memo says. We learn, grow, and evolve from it, becoming better…  doesn’t make it any easier going through it.  

i wish i could help or do more for those i love and care for. Being there, doesn’t seem like enough, but in reverse situations, for me meant the world,  i just have to remind myself of that.

OR!  i could always submit my application to be a fairy godmother….  

*waves magic wand of sorts…*  (pay no attention to the buzzing) 

kidding…. well,  about the application part, the wand…. 

*smiles sheepishly….*  

it really does buzz. 🙂

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