Impromptu Art Showing ~

Showed some of my art to a private group.  What an interesting experience… to say the least.

This group consisted of artists, writers, and musicians putting together a private show. Some were offended, others turned red from embarrassment (or something) and others loved my art, to the point of arousal.   A very visible arousal that was . . . most impressive.

I watched silently as this group critiqued my art and debated amongst themselves. I showed work themed with erotic BDSM, Nature, Buddha, Nudes, Music, Gas Masks, etc.  I created with mixed media, photography, oils, charcoal, brush & ink and scratchboard. My basic collection of what I had lying around from previous shows and frantic moments of inspiration.

They were blunt about what they liked, did not like, pushing one another’s buttons, and all were enchanted with one particular model and her green shirt (I don’t blame them, she’s fabulous). 

Comments like: “We can’t show that!  it has vulva!” 
“You can hardly see it!”
“I’m looking right at it!”
“I wonder why you’re focusing on THAT part” 

“The Nun is blasphemous. Can’t hang it.” 
“Well it’s not showing vulva”

Obviously there was more going on, I was still completely fascinated by the heated discussion and emotions displayed. I took it as my own little show, my reward for a job well done.

Art is not about how it looks, done, or how expensive the material used are, it’s all about what it does to people ~ How it makes a person feel.  

In creating my fine art, I do not look for acceptance and am quite surprised by it when it falls into my lap.  

What I do look for is someone who is emotionally moved one way or another, and/or forced to think, to ponder as a result of what I created.  Just as I or actually my muse’s forced me in creating the piece.
My muse’s are to die for, though they can be rather demanding at odd hours and distracting at social events.  Especially when you are trying to hold a conversation then suddenly the urge and frantic need arise to go and create something. 

Of course, then someone asks, ‘what are you thinking?’ and the words fail.  “oh nothing, just want to immortalize the way your ______ reflect the light. Or thinking about painting you in ______” I’ve learned to say, oh nothing, or I can’t express it right now, until I am able.

Not everyone understands that raw emotion, the need to create and be creative. It’s like a drug. And when finished with a piece, it’s the most natural and amazing high I’ve ever experienced.

Anyone who has an artist in their family, or as friends, lovers, significant others, etc, deserve an extra special thank you. There are a lot of oddities and you put up with. I for one am fortunate to have people in my life that accept my quirks.

End result, everything but the erotic and BDSM art made the cut.  I’ll be hanging art and making a special order of prints for one of the group members.

All in all a good day, now time for the rest of it.  

No sleep for the wicked.  There is too much to do. Besides, it’s fun and we have a better selling package. *wink*


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