Milk Baths

I love my milk baths.  They are my “me time”, my quiet time of reflection.  Which usually happens at about 3:30 am when I am unable to sleep and my hands hurt too much from drawing or working with pastels. 

Today is special, a mid day bath.  Realizing I needed to center and reconnect with me, I mixed up a quick milk bath. 

Dry milk, cocoa butter, lavender oil, fresh rose and chrysanthemum petals as well as dried lavender flowers. I picked up earlier this morning, a little bit of sweet almond oil and mixed everything together till it was the consistency of wet sand, almost clumpy. 

I ran a hot bath adding my milk bath and poured myself in. Yes, for the romantic side of me, I did have candles going and spanish guitar.  

I lost myself for over an hour.  It was peaceful, sensual, relaxing, and arousing. 

All in all ~ divine.  

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