Ouch ~

Ouuuuuch ~  

It was my turn under the needle yesterday.  I don’t know what I was thinking.  

After days of being in pain, I still was tattooed yesterday. Masochistic tendencies? No. I didn’t want to miss my appointment. Mostly because it is rare for my schedule and Vic’s schedule to coincide being able to sling some ink.  

Worked on my ribs and underneath my left breast. It’s fabulous and he does a wonderful job fixing my tattoos. We are on the same page of what we like in regards to tattoos and art. 

The good thing about being tattooed, other than the fabulous art, is I usually sleep more than three or four hours at a time.  Got six in a row last night.  Happiness!

Today it’s oozing, hurts, and bruised, typical for me. I mark very easily depending on the spot.  The sensations linger also, so the soreness is there still and will be for a few days. Almost like the after ache of getting kicked in the ribs though not as bad, in being able to breath with out pain. So a surface pain, not internal, thankfully. 

It may be corny, but after all these years, I still wish someone would come and hold my hand when I got tattooed.  I always am very happy for my clients when they have someone there for them.  It’s nice to watch people be there for each other. 

My skin is very sensitive and when I get tattooed I love the mental thrill of trying to hold still, the sensation of being touched, and being wiped down after the stinking pain of the needle. 

Yes, I get a little grumpy after getting tattooed. Dropping from the high and then feeling the pain of healing….  and I’ll be sticking to my cloths for a couple of days.  To me, it’s worth it….  my tattoos are beautiful. They make me happy. 

I love my tattoos. I am looking forward to next month, when we may start to coverup and fix my back piece. Happy dance!

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