Thinking back on memories, things I love, enjoy, miss…
like picking peaches and making fresh peach cobbler. Still my all time favorite dessert. 
Being in Puerto Rico and picking fresh bread fruit to have with the fish we caught that day.  
Love making fresh biscuits on Sunday morning
Miss reading someone’s handwriting
Miss watching the dial turn on a rotary phone. Tell you what, i knew everyone’s number by heart. 
Love and miss face time, talking face to face.  looking in some ones eyes as they describe things they feel strongly about. 
feeling hot breath as whispers dance and play on soft necks 
the quietness of morning in the forest.
Mist rolling in from the ocean
Miss the color of Sea foam in an autumn sunset
Miss seeing the milky way
Fire flies
Miss cooking in the outdoor kitchen with my great aunt in Puerto Rico.
Miss falling asleep snuggling. Hell, I miss sleeping.
Love having a fire, dinner and friends and loved ones over.
MMMM  Wine cheese and jazz/Blues …..  mmmmm
Miss staying up to watch, the Outer Limits, Creep Show, Twilight Zone, Doctor Who, Dark Shadows, etc…
Love and miss seeing butterflies and dragon flies…  monarch butterflies are my favorite.
Miss the family get together when everyone was singing and dancing, without a single feeling of self consciousness… 

More later~

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