Writing exercise~

Writing exercise between Tamin and myself from 2009~ We were in a writing group together, a time I look back on and always smile.  I like the beginning of this story.  Enjoy~


guiya prepared carefully for the evening’s ritual. she wanted everything to be just perfect. Lir has informed her they were going to climb the mountainside to their fave glade for their annual All Hallow’s Eve celebration. she loved this part, following Lir up the familiar path,  surrounded by fires of red and gold as the forest prepared for the yearly slumber. it filled her with an unexplainable connection to Mother Father and to her Lover. she could feel His blood race within her smelling His musk as He lead the way…her Love, her God, mixed with the clear sent of autumn

The sound of the stream blending with the sound of a soft breeze through the blazing leaves glowing in the last of the day’s sunlight; all served to excite and arouse guiya’s senses as they climbed higher and higher. For his part, Lir remained quiet. He knew this night would test his girl for He had a surprise for her; something they had discussed long ago. He grabbed her hand as they helped one another up the last and steepest part of the trail before stepping into the cool early darkness of the glade. Lir pointed to the fire pit and nodded. guiya hurried to do his silent bidding.

Gathering gifts fallen within the glade, guiya collected them for the fire, cedar, sage, juniper, pine, and miscellaneous fallen branches, piling them high into the pit, the last offering of tobacco for the fire, Lir’s favorite blend, applewood, was the final touch. Lir again silently nodded his approval and guiya touched fire to the offerings in the pit. setting the fire,ablaze, it climbed to towering heights, they both knew the spirits had arrived, the energy of the glade thick with the presence of Lord and Lady. The two, with arms wrapped around one anothers’ waists stood for a time, watching the fire, lost in individual thoughts, and basking in the energy swirling within the glade. 

The veil was at its thinnest and the spirits of many joined the two in their celebration. Lir pulled guiya to Him, tipped her chin upwards, and drank hungrily from her lips. guiya’s head began to swim as Lir’s energy filled her. He placed both of His hands upon her shoulders, grabing and pulling her robes down, in one swift movement, guiya was bare – naked – as intended; as He always saw her.

with her nipple erect, she tried to move closer to Lir and brushed them against His chest. He pushed her back, catching her arms behind her, He mused at her frustration. she had only time to glimpse the smirk that passed his lips as he bared his teeth and sank them into her shoulder. she lost a bit more of her connection with sanity as she swooned within the pain and pleasure his ministrations brought. she was instantly wet, ready, and eager to taken by her Lover, her Owner, her Heart. levering herself against His grip, guiya’s legs climbed Lir and wrapped themselves around Him. trying to get herself as close to Him as possible, there was nothing outside of His will that would separate her from Him. Turning her head into Lir as He continued to bite, kiss and lick her shoulder, her lips struggled to reach for His bare skin to kiss while she rocked her hips into Him, wishing she had taken His robes off as well. she made herself as available as possible to her One.

she felt his arousal. she heard his feral growl. It didn’t take him long to impale her upon His waiting cock. Their passion rose to heights as towering as the flames of the fire that added glow to their skin. The spirits continued to swirl around them as they beat out a rhythm as ancient as the glade. 

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