Last night

Last night I had dinner with a beautiful woman. A woman who is already friends with my boyfriend.  I went to meed her for dinner as husband and boyfriend enjoyed a casual evening home. 

She is stunning, wonderful, intelligent and easy to speak with.  Her laugh is melodic, contagious, dripping with honey. 

My heart jumped when she called it a “date” and I became anxious. 

It was just our time together to get to know each other.  Time flew by quickly, so much that it was cruel. I wish we were able to talk longer. In a place that was quieter. 

It’s been a long time since I kissed a pretty girl as sensually as we kissed last night.  She was responsive in her kiss and her eyes twinkled. Her soul splendid ~ providing a kiss that was simply erotic and blissful.  

Even though, due to my own inner workings and feelings, I may be the slowest one in this part of the dynamic, I am again anxious, excited as I hope to be able to spend more time with her.  

I am content with the interaction last night, still processing things.  I am grateful for the peace that was provided in the moment of her kiss. 

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