Balance of the divine ~ connection with the god

If you only knew where your browns eyes take me

A journey through time
Delicious moments 
Mixed with memories of recent and distant pasts. 

You take my breath away

Needing only but look at me 
Causing my cloths to melt away
Revealing flesh aching to be consumed

A body awakened to its own femininity once forgotten
Beaten alive 
Nurtured by your rugged passion

Tears stream down my face
Spit escapes my mouth 

I scream 
Arousal mixed with pain
Sex drips down my leg 
As you beat me black, blue, red, and eventually purple

Deathly Erotic

Joining of our bodies complete the circle of energy 

As you ravage me over and over again 
Leaving me quivering, crying, cum dripping, barely conscious 
Pile of ecstasy. 


Holding me 
Within peace
Finding my breath again

As you complete my submission 
I complete your dominance
As you awaken the goddess within me 
I awaken the god within you

A precious balance of the divine 

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