Oh honey,

It was never a question of love.

It was the realization of neglect.

Yes you did:
Shower me with pretty words 
tell me what you desire and what you desire to do to or for me 
tell me you love me

and never fulfill with me what you fulfilled with others. 

I suppose I understand. Nah….  I don’t, really. Not really certain if I care to. 

What I understand is that when I asked for clarification or to go slow, you threw a fit.  Pouting like a child, telling me every thing you thought I wanted to hear. Then  you became a hermit avoiding and projecting guilt until I acquiesced to who,what you wanted, the way you wanted it.  

Soon you stopped sharing. I question if you were ever truthful or if you know what honesty is.  Especially with what is coming out of the wash now. 

hence the realization of neglect.  

Your own actions made it easier to walk away from you. 
I wish you the best with all the love in my heart and am grateful for all the positive things as well as the other experiences I learned from. 

I truly do but with my boundaries firmly in place. 

I do not need to beg anyone to spend time with me in any way shape or form.   

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