You tell me I can do whatever I want before we play and give me your safe word.  Great!!

You have amazing orgasms, I make you squirt.

Then you say: ‘We forgot to have the talk’

THEN you tell me No Ass Play and No Anal Sex? AFTER we had sex?



I asked various times if you were okay, how you were doing and you said you were fine.  doing good.  oooo it felt soooooooooo good.

You never said ‘no, I am not okay.’

From the looks and feel of it, you are very use to a fist or bigger in your ass.

More importantly: You did not safe word.



Without lube, without tearing, without bleeding, and No Safe Word.

Then you say a thumb, smaller than my fist, hurts?

Does this mean a fist is okay but a thumb is a hard limit?


Wanna try again?

Wanna stop the ‘poor me’ Bull Shit and try to communicate a little bit more, TRUTHFULLY?

eh…  never mind, brat. 

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