Via NastyCute

“Uhn, yeah, you want this, baby? 
Yeah? You like it? I bet you do. . .

You see me work that water bottle, baby? That’s what I

want to do to you: wrap my tiny claw-like paws around  

you and nibble-suck you until I am no longer thirsty.

Oooooh, baby you make me feel so naughty. I’m a bad, bad hamster. I chewed that toilet paper roll all up, so I don’t have a toilet paper roll anymore. My action is my own punishment. Yeah, ooooh.
Baby, I will work so much harder to please you. I know I’m not the thinnest hamster, and I’m sure you noticed that my mother chewed my left foot off before they seperated her from us, so I know you’re not here because I’m a beauty queen. You’re here because you know I’m a freak, baby. Yeah! Plus I’ll let you titty fuck me with a Capri Sun straw.”

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