Awen, I am Grateful~

I am grateful

Grateful that:

That I have a fantabulous family I love with my entire being.  That they love me in return.

There is enough food in the house for the family today. 

That there is a home to go to today and the power is on. 

I am grateful for my beautiful exquisite friends, who accept me for me. 

I was able to get up this morning, breath, walk and stretch without pain.

I am grateful for cuddles, hugs and kisses.

I am grateful for the work I do and the art I create.

I am grateful for my heart and ability to feel.

For my mistakes and tears.

I am grateful for learning.

For my connection to the earth.

I am grateful to be me.  A polyamorous, kinky, nature-loving, geeky mom, addicted to chocolate, art, coffee, music, cheesecake, and touch.

I am grateful for those who love me not only at my best but at my worst as well.  They help me through and more than anyone deserve me at my best.  

I am grateful I strive to be better everyday.  

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