I Love Watching You Sleep~

I love watching you sleep.

It is so delicious snuggling into your chest, wearing nothing but your collar and your marks ~ happily knowing the marks will last a few days

Reflecting on our nefarious deeds of the night as you used me for your pleasures ~a dream come true for me

You were delighting in my screams of pain, moans of pleasure, and gasping, “Please may I cum?”


Mere hours passed that felt like centuries as passion, desire, and ecstasy became an uncontrollable monster, within this shell of a body…

Aching to be set free.

Still  you would not allow it.  No release for your baby doll ~the frustration exciting me more.

The sensation of you cumming on me, your loving slave, your toy, almost too much for me to handle ~ I was trying to fight for self-control. 

May I cum?


Caned, kissed, beaten, licked, spanked, bitten… edged

Another hour or two, it’s a blur.

Feeling you cum within me, filling every hole, savoring your taste ~wanting so badly to cum with you.


Please, please, please let me cum, please, I’m your lil slut, please may I cum for you?



Cold. Freezing sensation. Chilled to pain.  Glorious.

Taking off my blindfold, you get up and stand by the edge of the bed.  Looking down upon your baby doll,

 ~your slut~

You see I am in a more than frazzled and desperate state.

Looking up at you ~ I am still bound on the bed.  I am in agony for your touch.

Content. Peace. Happiness. Love. With You.

Wishing I could touch your face, caress the sated look upon you. This lil slave is humbled and filled with love at being able to please you.

As my heartbeat begins to slow down and my breath regulates a devious look dances across your face.

You slowly approach me and spread my legs. You slowly penetrate me with your hand.  Forcing your way in, splitting me in two, you expose my very soul.

Fisting me, pounding, cunt punching to your desires. Agony of uncontrollable pleasure beginning to break free, tears begin to form.

Then you say it.  The word.

The One word

One command

Finally given

The monster was released

Heart stopping ecstasy flooded the room breaking the leather straps that bound me.

Thanking the gods you are strong enough to hold me ~ to control me.

Forcing me to look into your eyes as sensuous tears fell

As passionate screams escaped

You repeat the command

Then again

And again



Unable to breath


I lose count.

         You hold me still in your arms

Strong, firm, warm


My Shangri-La within your arms

Within you

I am grateful for you.

~My One. 

I love watching you sleep.

Rubbing my face back and forth against you.  Reveling in how your body hairs tickle my nose. Tracing the lines of your chest and stomach.

You couldn’t be more perfect if Michelangelo himself carved you.

Watching You sleep, remembering all the things You’ve done for me, how You protect me, how You love me, how You treasure me. 

I am so very grateful to you, for You Papito. Humbled to be yours.

Honored that you tell the world that this lil slave is yours. Thankful that you allow me to tell all, that you are my Papito.

With delicious ambiguity I pull myself away from you to prepare your morning meal.

I am still delightfully sore.   


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