Morning Devotions ~

~Morning Devotions ~

by Liquidjade


Awakening from sweet slumber

Stretching as my first

Thoughts of you

Immerses me in pure arousal


Standing nude

As my eyes drink you in

Quenching the night’s thirst





Ready for worship


Gracefully moving from bed to floor

My throat becomes

Dry in anticipation


Wearing nothing but your collar

Slowly crawling

Dripping with lust for you


Kneeling before you

Whispering “I am yours”

Kissing your feet

“It is both an honor and joy to serve you”


My hands exploring up your legs

“My behavior a reflection of you”

Slowly running my cheek up your thigh

“This body, your pleasures”


My hands caressing your hips

Mesmerized by you

“Please Master, unleash pain or

Bestow pleasure as you see fit.”


Looking up to meet your eyes

“I am your slave,

your whore

your slut

And happy to be.”


You nod once

my heart races at the silent gift

Moving into you


I support your cock

with my face

Reveling in the smoothness

and strength



Lightly suckling your testicles


Kissing with long licks, back up the length of your shaft

Savoring every taste of salvation

This slut moans in delight


Gagging, taking all of you in

Protecting you

As you violate my throat


This whore wants more of you, my addiction

Forcing myself to move faster

For you


Licking your testicles,

While you are deep in my throat

Tears run down my face as you plug my nose


Unable to breathe,

You hold me

my body ~ ours


Show me no clemency

No mercy

Display no Humanity


Indulge yourself ~

Please Master

I beg you


As I worship you

Please ravage me

I am your slave


This whore

On her knees is

Yours and only Yours


I pray

Gratefully Worship

You and your cock


Finding redemption in your release

Your pleasure is mine as you use me

Giving into your darkest desires


You will always have sanctuary

As long as you wish

Within your humble slave

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