On The Enjoyment of Oral Sex

“The taste of you is so intoxicating that the mere memory of you shooting your orgasm down my throat sends waves of nostalgic pleasure throughout my body.”

This is a text I sent to my Dominant, Lucius Scribbens. I was fantasizing about him face fucking me. The thoughts made my body shiver and I became wet with anticipation of him coming home.

I love giving oral sex.  I love the taste, the feel and look of complete ecstasy that comes over my partners face. Either male or female, there is something so completely awesome about making someone cum with my mouth and hands.

I love watching the juices flow, tasting them,  feeling them, and taking  my time to savior their flavor.  Looking up the line of their body and seeing them lost in passion.  There is nothing like it in the world for me.  It’s my own special treat that is not only sensually, but emotionally satisfying as well.

I’ve never been with a lover who’s juices were repulsive to me.  If you and your partners take care of yourselves and are of good hygiene, there should be no ick factor regarding cum.

If everyone involved are consenting adults, I find it to be a gross double standard, and even insulting, for someone to expect their partner to perform oral sex on them, and yet refuse to perform oral sex on their partner or let their partner ejaculate into their mouth or onto their face.

I feel that if a person gets into giving oral like I do, those sex juices are everywhere! Regardless of the sex of the person receiving oral  sex, those sex juices are all over my face.  Its only fair because when they go down on me, my juices are all over them.

To me this is something to be celebrated. I believe that rejecting someone’s cum is rejecting them, and that is a horrible feeling to have.

I love my partners.  I love the people I choose to have sex with or even be naked in the same room with. With that love comes the love and acceptance of all of them. Especially every last drop of cum. 😉

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