We are safe within our own boundaries. Comfortable. Predictable. Growing into stagnation. We learn who we are and then stop growing. Out of fear or apathy, we stop.

I don’t want to stop. Despite the fear, I do not want to stop.

I know who I am, I am me. A mere speck of the universe animated. If I am to know the universe , if I am to grow past who I am and become what I am meant to be, I must connect with that which begins where I end.

Connect with, to learn, to know: the earth, nature, a breath, a moment , multiverses . . . To know You.

If I am ever going to truly know you, and for you to know me. We must push past our borders and grow past our comfort zones. When we blur our boundaries and connect, we grow, we awaken to what we are meant to be.

The beauty of the universe incarnate.


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