Who needs sleep?

Up again in the wee hours of the morning, which is normal, for me.  Typically, I lay down, and am up 1 -2 hours later, then if I’m lucky I’ll fall asleep again for another 2-3. It use to be 3 – 4, and then up.

I know what is a sure fire guarantee for me to sleep all night, total exhaustion and good connective sex.  I’ve almost reached total exhaustion. I was really hoping that I would be able to sleep more tonight.

I’ve got 10 paintings in the works. Eight of which I started today, 2 were lingering waiting for inspiration to take me.

It’s seems like a lifetime since I’ve been able to create anything.  My hands have had to heal from the last frantic burst of creativity. 

When I finished at the art studio, I FELT tired, happy and content. It was fabulous.

Now I’m excited about finishing the pieces, wishing it were time for the next step.  🙂

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