I read an interesting article today regarding touch, which I highly recommend.

To Touch Or Not To Touch: Exploring the Myth of Prohibition On Touch In Psychotherapy And Counseling Clinical, Ethical & Legal Considerations By Ofer Zur, Ph.D. & Nola Nordmarken, MFT

One of my favorite quotes from the article:

“In a study done by Jourard (1966), people from different cultures were observed in casual conversation. He counted the number of times they touched during a one-hour period. Touching occurred 180 times an hour in Puerto Rico, 110 times in Paris, in London, 0; and in the U.S., 2.”

I’m thinking it’s past time to go back to the Mother Land. 

The thing about Puerto Ricans, there is never a shortage of love for anyone or the numerous ways we express the countless forms of love.

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