Enjoy the silence ~

One of those moments where I wish there was someone here, right now, to talk with. Not a text, phone call, email or tweet….  a real person face to face. 

Everything inside of me is ferocious, passionate, and unrelenting in need of real substantial time.  

Not even creating art has been able to subdue my feelings. Unsuccessful in the attempt to temper them so they are easier for me to sort through. 

I don’t mind being alone, this is just one of those moments when I need another person in the room. My list of those whom I contact in times like these is short, I can count them even though they are very busy~ especially this time of year.  I’ll wait patiently for one of them to respond.  

Until then, I’ll work through it as always. Thinking, sorting, cleaning up and locking away certain aspects of me that cause more problems than they are worth. It’s always good to have a long talk with your shadow side, keeps one humble.  At least it does with me. 

I’m thinking that the universe is telling me to enjoy the silence, offering another lesson for me….  not that I enjoy it. 

Perhaps by the time they respond, the need will be gone, I’ll have figured it out. Then we can all have a good laugh, as usual. 

Silence by Antoine-Augustin Préault  (1842)

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