May you be filled with serenity 
on the shortest day and longest night 

May whatever despairs or sadnesses you carry 

be burned away by the returning sun

With each period of darkness there will be one of light

May you be surrounded by love, loved ones and laughter

May your home be filled with joy and warmth

Choose Peace
Rejoice in Life

Live for the beauty of living

May you take some time for yourself

Reflect on days both past and future

Become better

May you find tranquility within yourself

in the beautiful quietude of Winter

Revel in the return of the sun and the coming of longer days. 

As you bid farewell to the Holly King,

Under his blanket of snow,

Open your arms to the Oak King,

For the light he will bestow.

Warmest wishes and brightest blessing to you and yours
Always and in All Ways

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