Experience of 1

It was a lovely, quiet evening.  The candles were lit and the fire was going.  All the elements in place of a comfy cozy home.  Happy bellies from a home cooked meal and now they were relaxing on the couches. Him on His couch and she was on hers which was the small love seat. 

Perhaps having more than her fill of wine, she was feeling naughty, adventurous. Mind filled with delusions of sultry beauty, she placed her wine glass on the table.  She lingered for a bit,  leaning forward, exposing more of her breasts from the low cut negligee. Tilting her head she watched him as he was typing on his phone. 

“Are you happy?” She asked

He glanced up looking at her in the candle light.  Staring at her breasts he replied “Yes” and then smiled at her. 

“Are you tired?” She asked leaning back into the sofa.

“No” He watched her settle into the center of the love seat.  His eyes followed each leg as she slowly lifted them one by one, propping them on the perspective arms of the couch. 

She reached up, a hand on each knee, ” We could spend some time together.” fingers caressing her self, exploring up her thighs. Moving her negligee up exposing her wetness for him. 

He watched her, his phone in hand beeping and dinging announcements, messages, and alerts.  His eyes followed as she spread herself wide open for him.  Her sex seeped and throbbed as she caressed her self and plunged her fingers deep within her.  Her breath quickened as her fingers glistened in the candle light. 

“Baby, you’re sexy” he replies. 

She smiles, looking at him in time to see him turn back to his phone.  The smile falls with her expectations, her ‘thank you’ caught in her throat.  She waits. He doesn’t look up. Carnal desires dissipate as she continues to wait, he continues on with what he was doing.

“Would you like to go to bed…” She somewhat asks, tone flat, unfeeling, knowing what the answer will be. 

“In a minute” he replies, without looking up.  Closing her legs, shame and embarrassment replace feelings of sensuality and erotic hunger.  She settles back in and waits, finishing her wine.  

“I’m going to bed, if you would like to join me.” 

“In a minute” he replies.  

She was too tired to again state what she wanted. Tired of feeling like a broken record, she didn’t have the energy to demand anything, let alone be upset. She didn’t want to fight, she didn’t want to beg, and she didn’t want a pity fuck. She would rather go without than go through all that again.  

What she did want was to be desired and taken, fucked into a coma, she wanted to be more important than the phone, but that was not going to happen… not tonight. 

“k, good night” She gets up and kisses him on all that was offered to her, his cheek. She inhales him deeply then heads to bed. 

He joins her later, long after silent tears have taken her into slumber. 


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