Morning Snuggle Session ~

He had enough time to sneak in and spoon behind her, lacing her shoulder, neck, cheek and hair with kisses.

He brought one arm under her neck and around the front of her throat, pulling her close to him. He free hand filled with fondling her breasts.  His hardened length nestled into her ass-cleft.  He pulled her inescapably closer and whispered “good morning my concubine”

She moaned softly, melting further into him, caressing his arms, hands and fingers.  She wanted him closer, she reached around grabbing him, trying to pull him into her. Arching, writhing her hips, she was already wet and pulsating for him.  Mewing softly, she whispers “Good morning my sir”.

He tightened his hold on her throat and moved his other hand from her breast to cover her mouth.  He whispers in her ear, ‘Open your mouth and reach behind you to hold me with both of your hands.  cross your wrists while your at it, as well as your ankles.  Now, not a word, be quiet, be still lil concubine… while I gather up some scarves and veils”

She kissed the palm of his hand, as she followed his commands. Her body was trembling with excitement, dripping with love and lust as her fingers drank every inch of him.

He removed his hand from her mouth, kissed his own palm, and replaced it over her sensuously capable mouth, even tighter than before shoving her head further into the pillow. Two pairs of her sheer sexy panties were stuffed past her lips and teeth to fill her wide-open mouth.

He took a few veils and twist them together as she watched intently, obviously aroused.  Each twist matched a frictionous movement of her liquid smooth skin against his desiring body.   The twisted length of the veil was pulled tautly between sensationally kissable lips, beneath wild lust-glazed eyes. By tightening the veils, he provoked a low moaning muffled purrr from the depths of her splendid chest,  reverberating in drool soaked panties. Drool escaping the corner of her gag, showing the wetness matched what he was feeling against his thigh.

Once her wrists, ankles knees, arms, waist and crotche were all wrapped , knotted, and tightly cinched.  He pulled her back against him once more, their bodies feeling the oneness in their hearts.

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