Morning discussions

Man 1 (M1) and I had a great conversation this morning. A time of checking in, reflecting, lovingly discussing old and new things.

Discussing the seriousness of neglect, M1 helps me be honest with what is really happening, helps focus,and find solutions.

Each moment clarifying that actions speak louder than words. Coming to find something else about myself ~ a three minute insertion by a half flacid cock that keeps gettig softer and softer does NOT count as penetration. No, lover, I really don’t do it for you. and that’s ok.

There is someone I DID do IT for. He and his hard cock were One of the most wonderful passionate things I’ve experienced in a rather long time.and it was fun!

M1 is happy about my experiences with this person, regardless of whether or not sex is involved. M1 is excited and excited for me. We are both hoping for good things, and regardless of what happens the friendship is here for him from both of us.

Honestly, M1 is excited about having someone to befriend, though he is still cautious. Especially with what is happening with M2 and what happened with woman 1 (W1).

I don’t blame him, but I don’t want to carry that baggage and throw it onto anyone else. I don’t think it’s fair.

Both of us are focusing on the positive, excited for new things, and welcoming new people into our life.

Realizing, wih great joy in my heart, that the happiness and excitement is similar and radiating from M1~ even though he is proceeding with caution.

I’m a lucky girl, blessed with wonderful people in my life. They may be coming, going, or hanging on for the ride, but they are there. I am learning from and growing because of them. Regardless of if the experience is positive or negative, I am blessed, becoming better because of them.

ps~ special thanks to M1 for helping me write this blog~

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