Road Trip

Road Trip 
by Liquidjade 2008

What am I doing driving in the summer heat? Never again, I hope. Ultimately, it’s up to Him. 

I have to pull over; I can’t put it off anymore. I’ve been driving 200 miles maybe more, I need to stretch, breath clean air, and use the facilities. Hoping for clean facilities at a rest stop or gas station was always fleeting, but a hope nonetheless. 

I love long road trips. It’s planning the breaks that can be a pain – though this one was particularly exciting for me. Feeling the anticipation building, I realize I’m in pain now; I should have gone at the last stop, but nooooo I thought I would be okay. 

Rest Area 2 Miles. Thank the gods. 

Glancing in my rearview mirror, I see a big black truck coming up on me. My heart skips a beat. 

Coming up on my ass. Fast and hard. When was the last time that happened? Smiling to my self, knowing exactly when the last time was and fantasizing when the next time would or could be. Well, with everything throbbing in my nether regions, at least I know something is awake down there, even if it is from a full bladder or an overactive imagination whichever you choose to believe. 

Looking in the rearview mirror again, I clearly see the driver. A man with mirrored sunglasses, strong jaw line, chestnut brown hair, and then nothing but grill. He maneuvers the truck around to the left lane and pulls up beside me. He moves closer to the emergency lane on of the two-lane highway, enough that we can see each other’s faces, glancing at him, he smirks. Men. 

He pulls ahead and merges in front of me, speeding off into the distance. Okay. . . bye-bye, Mr. big bad smirking truck driver man. 

Pulling into the rest area, I find the big black truck parked. Looking around there is no smirking man. Surprised at the feeling within me. Am I disappointed? Really? God it’s been too long. 

I get out of the car and run to the ladies room. A sweet release that is almost orgasmic, my body almost as happy to be moving as it was to see a restroom. So much for hoping for clean facilities, but something was better than nothing. Breathing again only when I left the restroom, the beauty of nature calls and I begin to explore the rest area. 

Hiking into the woods a bit, I hear a stream. Perfect. I’ll be able to dip my toes and splash water on my face. Nothing is more refreshing than a cool stream. The sound of the stream gets louder, the smell of the earth and forest is almost intoxicating to me. Finding a nice big tree I squat down and rest against it. 

Leaning my head back, I take in a deep breath of air, and the smell of summer in the mountains relaxes me, cleansing me of being trapped alone in the car. 

Taking another breath in, I smell the earth, trees, water, and cologne. Everything seizes up on me. My heart beats faster and my breath stops. I open my eyes and there is smirk man – tall, obviously strong, dangerously beautiful, and pitching a proverbial tent in the woods. 

“Since you are finished and obviously relaxing….” He leans over, grabs me by the throat and pulls me up, slams me against the tree. My feet are dangling a little from the ground. 

Placing his face two inches from mine, he smugly breathes in. 

“Hello you, nice smile, nice eyes. May I have your handkerchief?” I am so confused. I’m having difficult time breathing. 

“Quickly now, I can tell you are not use to this.” 

I pull a lace embroidered cotton handkerchief from my bra and hand it to him, trembling. I’ve never been so scared and intrigued in my life. 

He reaches down, “open your legs” he orders me. I am holding on to his one arm as he is holding me up by the neck against the tree. I open my legs out to my sides. Holding myself, trembling, trying to breathe. 

He partially rips my silk panties out of the way and wipes me with the handkerchief. He smells it, “mmmmm. Nice and sweet. Smell it”. He shoves the handkerchief in my face, as I struggle for air I smell and taste my own sex. 

Beginning to to see stars, he looks at me and says “oh no you don’t.” Then drops me. Coughing and gagging from being choked, I grab the handkerchief out of my mouth. Air fills my lungs in a hot white fire. Tears stream down my face. 

He grabs my chin and looks at my face. 

“Better?” Looking intently at me, He observes and decides. “Yes, Yes. Better now” He offers me his hand. Is he crazy? Am I crazy? Why am I taking it? As I take his hand, he smirks and helps me up and supports me and walks me to the stream. Looking at the water my heart drops. 

He chooses a big rock to have me sit on, my torn panties still dangling from one thigh. Rinsing his hands off, he then splashes water on my face -taking my breath away. The cold of the glacial stream hits my face and body resulting in my nipples perking right up. Whether in reaction to the stream or him I’m not certain to which, though he did notice them. Smirking he reaches up and pinches them. Hard. Energy rushes through my body. I gasp. 

“Nice big nipples…. Perrrrfect. You like that, don’t you?” 

“No” I respond, squeezing my handkerchief tightly. 

“Then why aren’t you pulling away? Pushing me away? Why are you leaning into me?” 

Rats. Why wasn’t I pulling away? Why was I leaning in? Did being choked and having my nipples pinched by this stranger really turn me on? 


“Thought so.” he responds. I’m starting to hate that smirk of his. 

His hands went around my throat again, “Big deep breath in, I’m going to squeeze.” In one second, he puts his weight behind me and shoves my face under the water. 

I panic. Heart racing I think about the breath I am holding, then I feel something, I don’t know what, then a stinging sensation surrounds my thigh. Out again. Gasping for breath. Hey. No panties. I wonder where they went, well what was left of them. Glancing down I see a red hand mark on my thigh. 


“Breathe.  A big one. Hold. ” I take a deep breath in, under the water he sends me again. As he holds me there I feel a hard impact on my thigh and more stinging, then my nipples become hot, aroused as the cold stream rushes around my face trying to take my hair and lashes with its race down the mountain. 

He pulls me out again and he slides me up against the rock and rips my shirt open. He pulls a bowie knife out, showing it to me before he begins to run it up and down my skin. Pausing the knife between my breasts, he looks at me as he cuts my silk bra in two. My breasts fly free. He pinches my nipples again one at a time with one hand while the other is still around my throat. 

I can feel myself swelling with excitement. 

“Still not fighting. Interesting. Want me to stop?” 


Rewarded with a smile. 

Then a kiss. 

Delicious and salty. 

He licks the side of my face and bites my earlobe. Turning my head more, he licks down the side of my neck as his thumb digs into my jaw. He bites me, hard, forceful, and my body responds, quite favorably. I am wet and there is no hiding it as my sex is pulsating and my nipples are throbbing. 

“Touch me.” he whispers to me. I reach up and caress his ribs, arms, to his chest. I take both sides of his button up shirt and rip it open. Buttons flying. 

Hey, if I don’t get a shirt, he doesn’t get a shirt. 

“Is that all?” he says to me, bemused. My hands scratch his chest, traveling down to his pants and I free him. Pulling his pants down as much as I can. Well, well. Commando. 

He is velvety smooth and ready. “Good girl” he tells me and my heart skips a beat at his praise. 

“Thank you sir” I gasp. He looks at me quickly and chuckles. 

He places two fingers inside me and begins rubbing my clit with his thumb as he finger fucks me. Still holding me by my neck he watches my face. Trying to fight off the ecstasy, I want to cum with him inside me. It becomes harder to concentrate with each circle his thumb makes and each insertion his fingers venture. 

Amused at my internal struggle he begins to bites  and kisses my breasts. I keep stroking him the best that I can, rubbing my thumb across the head of his cock every time my hand travels his length. 

“Wet, very wet, and tight” he whispers in my ear. He licks my ear, “Now” he commands and I cum. Screaming and fighting to force him into me, to wrap myself around him, He holds me at arms length watching the passion ride my body. 

“You are much wetter now, almost just right.” 

In one fluid movement, he hooks one of my legs over his shoulder pulls me further up the rock and enters me. Just the head, just a little bit. With his hand around my throat the other hand and his legs supporting himself, I grab his hips and try to pull him in deeper. 


I hate that smirk. A little. 

As he is making little circles with his cock just inside the opening of my cunt, I think that hate is such a strong word for a smirk, a kind of annoying smirk. My body begins to heat again and I try again to pull him further into me as I struggle to breath. 

“Hmmmmm…Okay, as often as you can. Show me what you can do lil girl” he says. 

Then he slams into me with so much force, I can feel him touch my cervix. I cum so quickly and so hard I have no choice but to scream. He squeezes my throat and I quiet down. He slows down. Comes out a bit and goes half way in and out. And then slams all the way into me again. I can feel the rock bruising my back as I cum again. Screaming I realize another voice has joined mine. It’s his. Taunting, encouraging, coaxing. 

He lets go of my throat and drops my leg. Grabbing both of my legs at the back of my knees, he forces me into the splits and my thighs burn. I am completely exposed open, just for him. He takes a second to look and then slams into me hard and fast. 

Swimming in passion he finally explodes into me, the feeling is overwhelming for me. I’ve never felt anyone so deep inside me as I watch the ecstasy dance across his face I cum again. Squeezing every last drop out of him, I kiss, bite, lick, nibble, suck, and hold every inch I can reach. 

Lifting me up, while still inside me he turns and cradles me so that I am on top of him while he sits. Trembling in his arms he holds me still and whispers, “very good girl, you did everything almost as we planned.” 

“Thank you Master.” I gasp. 

“It’s time to lick your me clean” he says as 
he caresses my face. 

Excited I reply “Thank you Master.” Kissing Him, I follow the line of his body down to his beautiful cock. Sucking, licking, and cleaning Him dry as Our combined sex drips from me onto the earth. 

Mmmm Master tastes so sweet. Swallowing Him whole, I begin to realize how hungry I was. 

“Would you like to do it again concubine?” Master asks me. 

“Yes Master. Please” I respond between delightful cleaning licks around Master’s beautiful testicles. Sadly realizing there was no more to clean, I linger. Moving my tongue slowly up and down the length of my Master and along His beautiful chest. Handkerchief still interlaced in my fingers.

“I mean with the water. What did you feel? Were you afraid?” Master asks as he held me. 

Stopping I look into my Masters eyes, “I was so distracted I didn’t have time to think about the fear. I would like to do something like this again.” 

“That’s my girl. Perhaps a swimming pool or the ocean. A lake… but next, perhaps we’ll begin to take care of that silly fear of heights you have.” 

Master smirks at me as He watches the fear fill my face. Gods I love His smirk. 

Looking at me, he tells me, “Fear does not control you.” 

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