Morning Thoughts~

My instructions: Lay naked, think about her, and reflect. 

mmmmm  naked time,  I never get enough of it, and Master knows it. It was quiet this morning, as everyone left unusually early, I was able to take a little extra time in my tasks. 

Reflections whilst naked was one of my rewards for serving well and being well used the night before. coming home happy and content, I was able to sleep six hours straight. Huzzah!

Hot shower, oils and lotions, candles, and of course music.

Anointing myself, I let the thoughts of this woman fill my mind.  
Almost surprised at how easily detailed fantasizing about her was,
the sweetness of taste,
softness of the caress
the feel of her long hair
the smell of her

a woman who is, not even aware of what she does
so beautifully radiant everyone looks at her when she walks in. 

makes my heart skip a beat thinking about her. 

I enjoyed the feel of the slightest breeze
cooling my burning impassioned flesh

I wondered about her, hoped she was doing well. Not expecting a reply, but wanting her to know I was thinking well of her, I sent a text to her, wishing her well and hoped that she had a delicious day.  It felt good.  

Nothing will come of it, but it was nice to indulge in the sensual feminine. Even if for just a moment.  Fantasizing and reflecting made me realize how much I miss being a lover to a woman.  Also, treasured relationships take time.  

All in all, todays task reminded me of why I don’t settle and why I keep trying in every aspect of my life. 

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