Acting Bratty vs A Brat

Brat: an ill-mannered immature person 

This is usually what people think of when they hear the words Brat and Bratty. There are those who identify as being “bratty” yet do not consider themselves a Brat.

A Brat is a person who has a “make me” attitude. Everything has to be forced with them. While there are some people that this is an understood part of the relationship, the majority of people with this attitude tend to be frowned upon. 

They are seen as a headache, and often avoided as the person being a Brat. They can’t understand why everyone is always “picking on them”, not willing to look to their own behavior as the cause.

Brats are attention whores to the detriment of others involved in the relationship. Manipulating every situation to their advantage. Blatantly or passive aggressively.

A Brat is disrespectful to their Master/Mistress ~ Dom/Domme ~ Top. They do not respect people, boundaries and/or rules that are set up. Changing what they want when they want and do whatever they feel like doing when they want to do it. This can borderline and for some is interchangeable with SAMs (Smart Assed Masochist).  They are overgrown children, not in a good way as in ‘littles’.  

There are those that hide this side of their personality only bringing it out when they feel it will give them an edge or what they want.  If they feel like acting out suits them, whether in public or private their behavior is often no better not thinking twice about disrespecting and embarrassing the ones they are with with. 

What they don’t realize is that no one likes this continual behavior. They think less of not only the person, but also the company they keep. One’s environment is stronger than they are; to and including the company they keep, succumbing to the negatives or positives that continually surround them.

Bratty is a whole different thing. Being bratty is being playful and is a negotiated play until partners know each other well enough to fall into their desired roles.  It is knowing when to stop such behavior as well. Yes lines can be crossed, as with everything, being aware and communicating helps prevent mishaps. When the one acting bratty observes that their behavior is hurting or making one withdraw from them the role should be dropped. 

A spirited submissive should be cherished for their mind and their spirit, and to squelch such is a crime. Positive reinforcement and punishment for bratty behavior is play that satisfies desires, if they exist, in all who are involved.  

When a person is playing with another the mock “make me” attitude comes alive. There is the pretend pouting, the pretend running away, and stomping of feet. It is pretend, similar to role playing and everyone playing knows what’s going on. 

With respect and consideration in place, all the Master/Dom/Top has to do is give a look, or say a word and the behavior is stopped immediately. Someone who is bratty knows how to read the behavior of the one they serve and or others, to know the times and place they should or should not start the behavior in the first place. If they are unclear they should ask. 

The difference between a brat and acting bratty is easy.  

Someone who is playful and fun loving knows when enough is enough and when to stop. A brat purposely pushes buttons to elicit a response, often in a form of physical punishment, most often they don’t know when to stop and don’t stop until they get what they want. An annoying and childish way of topping from the bottom.  

It boils down to respect. Remember respect for yourself, the ones you serve/play with, and for others. Lack there of is the quickest way to alienating oneself.   There is no Dom without a sub and no sub without a Dom.

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