Importance of My Submission

I take my submission seriously.  It is very personal and sacred to me. It is private, for home, bedroom, lifestyle, kink and everyday discreet settings. It is not something I enjoy on the fly as if I’m eating a bag of potato chips. Neither is my submission something I take as seriously as Goreans do (north or south). 

Being a submissive or a slave is not for everyone. We all have our own activity levels within the BDSM Lifestyle and our own different Kinks. In my opinion this makes it all the more interesting, with chances to learn more things and meet new people. 

I do not usually share my feelings in terms of submission with others, unless they are already a slave or submissive. I have recently been painfully reminded to carefully choose whom I share my vulnerabilities in this area. 

Unless a person is the dominant of a submissive or in a position of service, they do not understand.  There is an indescribable dynamic of the power exchange coinciding with service that goes beyond the party scene or occasional fuck. It’s more than the act or beating, more than just the sex, and more than getting your rocks off.  

I am fine with the expression of anyone’s opinion, as I am with my own. Even better if we politely disagree, I learn to see things in a new light with a civil debate discussing difference in thoughts.  

Though, when people take it to the level of attacking, disrespecting, being hurtful, etc with me or the ones I love, that is when I have no room for them in my life. Especially after I’ve shared how sacred and important to me my submissive heart is.  Nor do I have room for those who condone that disrespect from others to me in any way shape or form. 

I have been through a lot to earn my knowledge and have traveled through hell in finding myself that I am worthy of myself to serve.  I have also traveled to Hades and back looking for someone worthy of my submission, family, and day to day life.

I am willing to share my heart, knowledge and experiences with anyone with a true interest.  No longer will I share or continue to share with those who get the glossed over look of fain interest.  The results are the same used, left neglected, disregarded and forgotten and I have no time for such nonsense. 

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