Some reminders for me~

Having experienced another lesson, I have taken a step back and have processing and reflecting.  

I have yet to decide on posting my journal entries regarding the experience.

 I have, however, decided to go through all of my journal entries from when I entered the lifestyle and post them on this blog, editing where necessary, to the anonymity of the not so innocent. 

In doing this and moving forward, I remind myself of the following: 

~Be true to myself, respect myself. 

~I am not everyone’s ideal beauty. I am the best me that I can be for me. Besides if beauty is only skin deep, I as well as others are much preferred inside out.

~ Sexy is a state of mind and passion is my soul.

~Those who were disrespecting me and my relationships, they were also disrespecting all those involved.  I have no time for that. 

~I dislike labels. We are more that what a few words define, for we are the sum total of our existence.

~I choose happiness and be true to myself.

~I trust, but verify; and learned to trust people to be true to their nature.

~A genuine smile, hello or picture, can make anyone’s day better ~ it always does for me.

~True friends are few and far between and they are to be cherished and valued. 

~I have no tolerance for lies or game playing.

~Hermit mode is okay, from time to time.

~Differences are beautiful and there is much to be learned from them.

~Patience and respect, for myself as well as for others.

~Inner strength I had no clue I had.

~Courtesy, being nice, and making sure I am being treated well also, does matter

~New love is great, old love is better.

~Try to make sure my words are better than silence.

~To not be afraid to ask questions.

~To challenge my imagination and walk into the places that harbor fear.

~Not to allow fear control me.

~Those who want to be around me, will.

~To cherish every day, and be thankful and grateful for what We have, for in and instant it can all be gone.

~I am worth sticking up for. 

~I learned that anything worthwhile is never easy.

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