A Happy Memory

A Happy Memory.

This was one of those times when we were so hot for each other, it didn’t matter who was asleep in the other room.

You pulled me into the kitchen, devouring me with your kisses, and shoved me against the counter.  You then slapped my face and kissed me again.

You grabbed my breasts so hard, I thought you were going to rip them off.

I was so wet I was soaking through my jeans. You checked.  You teased me, played with me, and clamped your hand over my mouth when I moaned.  You shushed me into a silent, mind swimming orgasm.

I remember being breathless.  You gave me half a second to catch my breath before you pulled my jeans half off, turned me around, and forced my face down onto the counter.

I grabbed my ass cheeks and spread myself open for you.

You slapped, rubbed and groped me. Then you pushed your way in, penetrating me, violating my ass deeply.

You found your rhythm while continuing to push my head into the counter.  You pulled my head up as my hips worked against yours.

I wanted to cum again. You grabbed my throat and squeezed tight. You began fucking me harder, faster.  I felt like you were splitting me in two and I wanted more.

I reached down to touch myself and fondle your balls.  I couldn’t hold off any more.  My head was spinning, my body hot and sweaty.

And we came, together, as silently as we could.  I’m such a lucky girl.

Every time I think about that moment I become painfully aroused. Longing, aching to feel that moment again.

A happy memory ~  indeed. One that is forever in my ‘spank bank’.

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