Hindsight is 20/20

The sharing of her life
to an audience of 
to glazed over looks.

Hindsight is 20/20

She allowed herself to be vulnerable.
Her voice fell on deaf ears.
Experiences not acknowledged
Her feelings unimportant.

Her presence was ignored.
She listened to them.
She was there for them.

Time always ran out 
when it was her turn.
She was patted on the head and told:
Next time I promise 
It’s not you it’s me
It’s not you I need to finish this
It’s not you…  It’s everything else.

Attention craved and ached for 
given blatantly to others. 
On her special days, the praising of others 
took precedence over what she was accomplishing.

She asked for attention
and waited
She tried to be patient 
she waited 
and waited more 
Promised days came and went 

She asked again
She wanted to scream 

She felt she was reciprocated 
with guilt 

She was mourning what she invested
Closing her eyes 
Feeling nothing  
other than being an elegant place holder
A servant, not in a good way. 

That is not what a submissive or slave is.
She trusted them with her heart and her story.
She dared to hope.
She was nothing other than the one to placate to get in good with the man.

She continued to try.
Continually drained.
Listening to others stories, remembering,
caring, embracing,
comforting until she has no more to give.

Secrets and stories….
Lies and manipulations
She was mocked, She was not defended.
Her time not respected.

In the end she discovers 
She has been lied to.

Promises to her broken
then lied about
so they could save face

She has also lied to herself.  

It’s not okay to be the only one investing 
in the relationships.

She has a right to be loved 
as much as she loves.

She deserves to be loved 
the way she loves.

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