I fall short in the ability to explain my self. My words fail attempting to describe the euphoria you provide.

you take me to a place where it seems as if our souls have fused together for a moment.

Briefly , I know you; every pore, every pulse, every thought, every fear. As I learn more of who you are, I love you more.

For a moment, I am able to be me, vulnerable, loving, content . . . joyous that there is no need to hide.

Love and appreciation

Apparently I’ve been saying I love you and thank you too much.  


Get the fuck over it. 

I don’t say it to hear it said back to me, though it is nice to hear.  I say thank you when I am grateful or appreciate what was said or done. 

There are people and things that remind me of the beauty and wonder of my life and this self expression is how I appreciate such things. 

I want to remember living my life well, even when times are tough. That’s when I begrudgingly learn the most.  

I try not to take anything for granted, for I never know how anyone’s day will end or if there will be a tomorrow.  

Here’s to living fantastically, for nothing is accomplished without passion.