Who needs sleep?

Up again in the wee hours of the morning, which is normal, for me.  Typically, I lay down, and am up 1 -2 hours later, then if I’m lucky I’ll fall asleep again for another 2-3. It use to be 3 – 4, and then up.

I know what is a sure fire guarantee for me to sleep all night, total exhaustion and good connective sex.  I’ve almost reached total exhaustion. I was really hoping that I would be able to sleep more tonight.

I’ve got 10 paintings in the works. Eight of which I started today, 2 were lingering waiting for inspiration to take me.

It’s seems like a lifetime since I’ve been able to create anything.  My hands have had to heal from the last frantic burst of creativity. 

When I finished at the art studio, I FELT tired, happy and content. It was fabulous.

Now I’m excited about finishing the pieces, wishing it were time for the next step.  🙂


Grateful for my friends whom I love dearly~

I had a wonderful night of wine, treats, and sharing. There was laughter and tears~ I expressed doubts my heart felt & feels though never shared~ I realized last night that I may keep quiet way too much, when perhaps I should express more~ maybe, probably, perhaps… meh. All in good time~

It was wonderful to just be able to be~ to relax, to listen and be heard~ to share face to face.

moments like these make good memories~ and the brownies.

The brownies were divine and calling my name for breakfast~ *grins*

Milk Baths

I love my milk baths.  They are my “me time”, my quiet time of reflection.  Which usually happens at about 3:30 am when I am unable to sleep and my hands hurt too much from drawing or working with pastels. 

Today is special, a mid day bath.  Realizing I needed to center and reconnect with me, I mixed up a quick milk bath. 

Dry milk, cocoa butter, lavender oil, fresh rose and chrysanthemum petals as well as dried lavender flowers. I picked up earlier this morning, a little bit of sweet almond oil and mixed everything together till it was the consistency of wet sand, almost clumpy. 

I ran a hot bath adding my milk bath and poured myself in. Yes, for the romantic side of me, I did have candles going and spanish guitar.  

I lost myself for over an hour.  It was peaceful, sensual, relaxing, and arousing. 

All in all ~ divine.  

Toys, toys, toys…..

and more toys…   so much fun.  Clean, quick, dependable and they don’t care if the lights are on or off. some are noisy some are not. They don’t laugh at me or say ‘no’ and new batteries always gets rid of the headache. 

Masturbation is great!  Sex is great! But that’s not all there is. When either leave a hallow empty feeling, it’s time to reflect on things.